*Grand Opening of Memory Chicks*

WE are having our Grand Opening for Memory Chicks at MyMemories!  We have been busy re-packaging and uploading PLUS new products!

So our plan for Memory Chicks is to done 1 large collection released around the 15th of the month! The collection will include the KIT, plus 6 add-on packs plus a photobook that works in the MyMemories Suite Software.

Again, both Memory Mosaic and Polka Dot Chicks will still have their own separate personal shops but all our collab's are in Memory Chicks now.

So without further ado here is the link the Memory Chicks shop.:

Sweet Dreams is available at GingerScraps as well.

August Collection:  Sweet Dreams - the perfect soft pastel kit for babies, night night pages, counting sheep, teddy bears, pretty, soft and tons of goodies packed into the kit PLUS the addon packs are so cute.

 Addon 1

Addon 2

Addon 3

Phonebook ONLY works in the MyMemories Suite Software

Thanks for looking!!!!
Stay tuned for more goodies and fun!

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