New Year, New Releases, New Hair..

WOW..what a wild January so far!  First, hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year so far...Miss Shelby's was a little rocky at first with breaking up (again) with the boyfriend...and she decided on the 8th that she needed a change and a fresh start to she colored her hair!  Of course that is when I decided I needed to have the flu so she went by herself to our hair stylist while I was debating on whether to continue puking all day or not....

Now I have always thought my daughter was beautiful...but there is something to be said about the after pictures....she looks more grownup!
Why is it sideways?

(Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!!)  Her eyes just pop and sparkle now and she loves it!  I mean LOVES it.  I asked her yesterday if she missed being a blonde?  She said NO!  Her blonde hair was starting to turn darker underneath so she went about every 6 mos. to get it highlighted to stay more blonde but she said this is way better!  I love it!  It's more red than brown (so a reddish-brown) but it looks soooooo good on her!

NEW RELEASE DAY!!!!  Remember ALL NEW RELEASES are 25% off thru Sunday Night (although I always forget and leave them up till Monday...) -GO HERE to our shop @ PDW!
So we have many new things today!  First up:

(Let me tell you about the CreativeTeam and Designer Team at PlainDigital Wrapper - they are the BEST!  I put a quick request to have some layouts and playing done with the new kits below and they stepped up to the plate like you wouldn't believe!!!  They are the best ever!!! - Thank you all!!!!)

1. Letting Go
I made this after Shelby's breakup #2 (with the same boy) and was inspired I guess that life is hard, love is hard and sometimes we might have not so happy things to scrap about.  I added green for the 'fresh part' and the rest of the colors are smokey blues, grays and some black.  I made the tags wrinkled like they had been wadded up and then smoothed get the point.

14 papers, 35 elements and bonus stacked paper included as well.

CT Inspiration (from the SUPER GREAT Creative Team/Designer Team @ PDW)

By Ari

By Becki

By Kimeric (she did all black/white/grays)...great idea.

By JaimesCreations

By ldhoriginals

Didn't they do a SUPER job???/  

2.  FELTY FUN SERIES - this series is all ABOUT FELT!  Remember the felt boards/flannel boards you played with at school/daycare/home or your kids did?  You made scenes and used your imagination based using a large felt board with addon felt pieces?  Well this is all DIGITAL.  This series will be perfect for scrapping, making hybrid alpha books, flash cards and for kids who want to scrap with mom (your kids, grandkids, nephews/nieces, etc).  Let your imagination soar!  We are planning on at least ONE new add-on each month but there will most likely be more...we have some ready to go already for next month...

-Basic Starter Set:  3 different size backgrounds (12x12, 8.5x11 and 8x8) - in black, white, green and blue - basic colors to build on.  All the add-on's will coordinate perfectly.  Included in the basic starter set are the backgrounds, 17 basic shapes in basic colors and 4 stitches for attaching (if you want).

-At the Zoo
Adorable zoo animals for your zoo needs!
21 elements

-At the Zoo Wordbits
Wordbits (labels) with the zoo animals, and some fun phrases.  Includes a journaling  tag and 'felt' staple for attaching.  20 elements.

-At the Zoo Add-on
13 additional elements (animals, scene, frame, wordbits, cage)

-Alpha 1
Fun A-Z alpha

CT Inspiration from the fab CT at PDW:
(some of these are from kids which was the main point of this series!)
Ari (by her niece Mia, age 8)

By Becki

by JenJen

I think they did a great job with this series (the combining etc) just the way I thought it would work!!!

Today's freebie is:
At the Zoo mini add-on - ONLY available for one week only (expires 1/28/11):


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  1. Thanks for the freebie and the amazing felty kits!! They are a lot of Felty Fun!!

    PS: I love the hair both ways! :)

  2. I also like the hair both ways. :)

    Thanks for the freebie :)

  3. That's adorable, thank you! And Shelby DOES look great!


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