*NEW* April My Story 2020 & MyMemories Blog Train plus FREEBIE Gift

Welcome to April 2020!
This has certainly been a weird time in the world since mid-March. We have a new kit, Stay Home in the shop to document your staying at home...We hope all our fans and blog followers are staying safe and healthy in their homes and if you do have to work staying safe at work. We wish all our fans/followers well and are thinking of everyone during these uncertain times.
We have put 'most' of our products on sale for the rest of the month for an easter/spring sale - 50% off - Our store here.

Find StayHome2020 HERE

Now we get to our My Story: April 2020 and a new change in the freebie gifts.  Due to some personal things going on besides the stay at home - things with my dad - he is now no longer able to drive due to being diagnosed in February with WET macular degeneration in his right eye and his left eye is completely blind (all black due to the WMD) and now he is having monthly eye injections to stop the bleeding in his RIGHT eye to at least have him be able to see enough to function at home but not driving due to scarring he has.  ANYWAY decided to make a change to the freebie gifts to make it easier on me and y'all.  THEY will be available in ONE package and able to DL for $0 at MyMemories. Pretty much like the Blog Train.  

First up is the KIT
Happy Memories
April 2020 My Story

Next up is the Freebie Gift 
This is the combined gifts of what would have been separate on FB, Fans of Page, NL, and the blog.

CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO MyMemories to 'purchase' for $0 thru 4/30/2020. Just add to your cart like the blog train and check out for $0.  Choose the general zip to download if you don't use the MM software.

NOW onto the April 2020 MyMemories Blog Train!

I hope you enjoy our part! Don't forget to leave love for the rest of train's designers!

In case you have never done a MyMemories Blog Train before:

You will be directed to each designers store at the MyMemories site. If you have not already done so, you will need to sign up for an account [note: this is a one time sign up and no purchase is necessary].

There is a special link to each designers gift that must be obtained from each designer. That link will take you to their store and their gift.

The new process is:

  • visit each designer’s blog or FB posting for their preview and special link
  • click on the link provided you will then be taken to their MyMemories store
  • place their gift in your shopping cart
  • check out when you have all the gifts collected 

Here is our part


  1. Thank you for the My Story gifts & the blog train gift. Praying that your dad stays well & that you stay safe! Hope you have some time for yourself -- I know all too well, that caring for a parent can at times be stressful. So take care, Tammy! & thanks, again!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot! Take care of yourself as well. Hugs.

  2. Love seeing what ya'll come up with every month. Unfortunately, your part of the blog train is showing to be $1. Figured there was a hiccup somerewhere ya didn't know about. Just wanted ya'll to know. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and yes it was a boo boo - should be fixed now! Enjoy. Be safe.


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