*NEW* Exclusive & other releases

Welcome to the February 7th releases!  First up, GO KC CHIEFS for winning the Super Bowl! We are pretty stoked and pumped up here in KC MO!

Now onto our new releases!

First up is our new EXCLUSIVE kit plus addons.  Life. (In Color) Kit, plus Add-on 1 and Add-on 2! Last month we released Life. In Black n White and we had to do COLOR!  Exclusive products are now 50% off Friday-Saturday-Sunday!

 (preview of the papers in the kit)

Sample page!  Me and Shelby!


NEXT up in our new releases!
Farmhouse Valentine & the cutes gnomes - Wooden Gnomes #3 (valentine style)

(Paper preview of papers in the kit)

 Wooden Gnomes #3 - are these adorable or what?

SEE YOU IN A WEEK OR SO FOR the blog train & the FEB My Story 2020!

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