*NEW Exclusive and other new goodies*

WOW...this year is flying by!  Hope everyone is safe and enjoying this time of the year no matter how you celebrate or if you don't just enjoying time with family and friends.

So first up we have our *December* Exclusive kit.  This month's theme was based on holiday songs.  I chose to do a funny one - I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!  So cute and quirky!  30% off for the first 10 days!

OTHER NEW RELEASES!  We LOVE LOVE teaming up with Doodles by Americo and this theme was suggested to us by my friend Carly.

Tea Party - PERFECT for any time of the year or bridal shower tea parties, etc.

WE LOVE PLAID!  Like it's our very favorite color (besides polka dots)
So we had to do a Plaid Christmas kit (see the adorable red trucks)...

And Wooden Gnomes #2 - this time with colorful hats and patterns!

Stay tuned for next week - My Magical Story: December (last one of the year) plus another new release, MyMemories Blog train, etc! 

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