*NEW* Exclusive November Release & In the Woods

WOW...October just flew by!  Been super busy with Shelby and her photoshoots PLUS all the fun kits coming the rest of the year! Doodles by Americo is a dear friend of mine and we are having a blast with creating collaboration kits!  Gotta love his doodles!   So let's get started!

For the November Exclusive at My Memories - we all picked something we were thankful for and created a kit based on that.  Here is what Shelby and I came up with:  Love is the Answer (Thankful for Love)

Love is the answer.  All you need is love.  Love wins.  Family comes in all different forms. Love makes a family. Love is something every person has in common. Love matters most. Not all families are the same, some have a mom and dad, some have one dad, some have two dads, some have one mom, some have two moms, some have grandparents or aunts and uncles has the main caregiver, some it might be a family friend. It’s the love that keeps the family going. I was inspired to make this kit after talking to my daughter Shelby and I was stuck for a theme and she suggested love and we picked out the colors and this is what we came up with.  

Next up: In the Woods  - w/Doodles by Americo - this is so stinking adorable..he drew the doodles and asked me, what do you think? I was like omg we have to make a kit! So we did!

Don't forget to check out his shop too!

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