MyMagical Story November 2019! & New Collab. Kit with Doodles by Americo!

Hello out there!  Can't believe that we are nearing the end of another year of the MyStory!
Today we have 2 new releases!

1. MyMagical Story: November 2019 (make sure you sign up for the NL and are on our FB page and Fans of Group to get the freebies)

2. Doodle me this collaboration kit with Doodles by Americo.  He is a sweet dear friend of mine and we love teaming up (a lot) to bring you awesome kits with his fantastic doodles and my style!  This kit was actually a suggestion from another friend of mine who said "I think a total doodle kit would be fun - colorful and ALL Doodles no real elements" So this is what we came up with.  Random doodles but there are no realistic elements.  EVERYTHING is a doodle! IT's super colorful and cute and well can work for anyone! It does have an almost spring/summer vibe but well we think it's just too much fun...I mean come on, that llama alone is adorable and with attitude!

Rest of the month we have several new products coming out, another freaking awesome collaboration kit and $2 sales rest of the month!  

Thank you for another great year and for looking at our products!

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