FREE KIT with a twist...

So as many of you know periodically I will do a giveaway for getting LIKES on Shelby Lynn Bowman's photography page.
The time has come again but with a twist.
We want to get her to 1500+ Likes)
2. Follow her on INSTAGRAM
(We want to get to her 500+ followers )
THEN PM me on FB or email me a description of your favorite of her shoots, sessions or specific photo and/or leave her a comment 

If you send me an email, put "FREE KIT/SHELBY in subject line" and exactly where you commented, what you liked or photo/session...etc.
(you can PM me on FB too)
YOU will get this KIT as a THANK YOU gift!
This challenge will expire Saturday 9/28/19. Then the kit will go into the store for sale.

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