Hello dear fans! Hope you are staying safe, warm/cool (depending on where you are) and had a good holiday season no matter how you celebrate.

This year was rough as it's the first Christmas with out my momma and Christmas was her favorite holiday - I mean favorite - multiple trees, over 350 santas etc....I had some very weepy and emotional moments while decorating and putting out some of the santas and stuff I took......But I think she would be tickled and I hope I made her proud....

ANYWAY, as always here is your recap - fun fun things to come for 2018 (along with wedding planning you know....)

1. MyMemories Blog Train December 2017 will expire 12/30/17 automatically by the shop.
*side note* If you haven't signed up for the MyMemories Newsletters, you should. We have a goodie almost every month (They have a Friday Freebie, Saturday Freebie, Wednesday Freebie and we sign up for them...I am signed up thru March so be on the look out for those if you get the MM NL)

2. MyStory Dec 2017 - all freebies will expire 12/31/17. Then the whole year has been combined into one massive kit and will go in the shop.

3. MAKE SURE TO SIGN up for the NL and become a member of the Fans of Page if you haven't already...

4. Magical Sampler #11 will go live 1/1/18! For 10 days.

5. MyStory 2018: JANUARY will go live 1/15/18. There are 3 freebies (THREE!) each month (FB, FANS OF and NL). There might be bonus BLOG freebies through out the year and I will let everyone know.

I appreciate all the fans and customers at the shop.. Have a safe New Year and see you JAN 1!

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