A Magical Fantasy #1

Hello!  As we are continuing on our journey around that happy and magical place we all love, we have now started towards the Fantasy world.....we are breaking up the sections into a couple of different kits (as we did a bunch of separates a while back...we will list some those here too):

Introducing A Magical Fantasy #1 (a nice general overall kit for the whole land)

Other kits that will work for this Magical Fantasy...

A Mad Tea Party

The Yellow Bear    Tale as old as time

My Favorite Mermaid        My Favorite Mouse

I'll never grow up        Feelin Goofy

Fairest of them all       Duck Duo (Girl)

Duck Duo (Boy)

Thanks for looking!  MyStory: April 2017 coming on the 10th! Then MyStory: Homemaker on the 15th then MyMemories April Blog Train on 16th!  Lots coming up!

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