Just a quick update

Just wanted to give a quick update as to why so quiet on the blog......back in mid January 2017 thru mid February 2017 I had some dental work done (root canal, crown, wisdom teeth out and 2 fillings), well the last appt. in Feb was a filling (a rather large one it turns out) that has left me in some off and on pain but has gotten worse this past week - went to the dentist this AM and turns out probably going to need another root canal on that tooth (but that should take care of all of it)!

ALSO, we moved to our new house on 2/24 and my office is still not unpacked or hooked up as there are some networking issues with some of the ports etc....but I do have some things PRESCHEDULED and reposted so you should still see posts.

BUT as of right now, the FEB 2017 freebie is still up on the fan page and I promise that once I am up and running there will be a nice blog freebie for you all!!

Thanks for being patient!

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