We are back!!! Happy Friday, New Releases..

Hope you all had a  great week!  We are back from our road trip and was fun but tiring (I did all the driving....) was a rental and nobody under 25 could drive it unless I wanted to pay lots extra.  Umm....guess not.

So while we didn't get anything created while gone, we did have some new releases ready to go for this week....nothing like planning ahead.

As you know, our last day at Plain Digital Wrapper was 6/30 and not all of our kits were moving to ScrapDelicious!  So as we re-preview (ok, me  - tammy) and get them uploaded, we will show you here !

In other news, we are working hard on some super cool Altered Junk items...think you will like them.  Also, thank you to JENNIFER who won the coupon 2 weeks ago and did some shopping! So glad you enjoyed your purchases and Shelby says THANKS!  :)


Coins 3 - $2

Hardware 4 - $2

(Re-release - edited down) - $3

(Re-release - edited down) - $3

Paper set 22 - $3
Aren't these gorgeous?  I just love how Inger did these!

We didn't have time to get a goodie for you this week with having been out of town and coming back this week - stay tuned for one next week!!


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