New Releases, Contest Winner.....and are you an Altered Girl?

Happy Friday Saturday to all!!! Yes, it seems I don't know how to actually hit the PUBLISH button...  So we had ONE comment on the blog from last weeks contest - leave a comment and say which new release you liked and we would pick 1 or 2 winners to win that item!  Well, since we only had ONE comment that listed her choices  she wins ALL three of her picks that were in her comment that would be - drum roll!!!!!

*purpledaisy* - she wins the following:

Paperset23 - Ledger Papers
Paperset24 - Maps
Altered Books 1

Congratulations!!!  Email me at for your coupon code!!!

So FINALLY have 99% of Miss Shelby's room done.   We just need to hang artwork and misc decorating but the majority is done!  Even got the closet door back on that was taken off when her brothers had the room!  Sheesh.  That was fun.

BEFORE (now this is after taking everything off the walls and removing my roll top desk that was in her room - that was a heavy duty moving job but Matt and I pulled it off.  Of course that meant going from the 2nd floor to the Basement!)  Don't ask how we did it.

Her room was HOT pink, black and white.  Painted OVER easter egg purple in 2007!  She kind of thought she needed a more grown up look.  That is EDWARD/Twilight on her ceiling...

During Priming/Painting:
She picked out DARK GRAY/DARK RED

You gotta love Edward watching over us! He now resides in the closet.....
Final pictures (ignore the piles on the floor of decor items we have yet to hang up or the piles on her dresser of things to still organize.  But in a nutshell, her room was rearranged as well.  Bookcase, 2 dressers all along the main wall and GORGEOUS red silk/satiny drapes hun floor to ceiling on the window.  Get this - we got them at Lowes.  Gorgeous, well made and a fraction of the cost I was finding elsewhere!

 The comforter sealed the color selection.....found it on clearance at Kmart.....gorgeous!  And thick and warm! (see the closet door - that used to be a pink curtain....)

Yes we need to get artwork up but overall she is SUPER happy with it.  No desk the wall I didn't take a picture of has a mirror to put on it.  I will post FINAL pics after we are done decorating/hanging the mirror!!

Thursday was Miss Coco's 1 year birthday! celebrate she had some fun fruit along with meal worms (well hubby spoils her and gives meal worms to her every other day) but she likes watermelon - not crazy about

Here are some fun pics - sort of our take on the holidays....however she was not all that cooperative all the time!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day for Coco!

Happy Easter - she did not like those ears!!!

A salute on 4th of July....had to entice her with a meal worm!

Free time/Play time on the desk....she thinks she is going to type something....or delete whatever i was working on.
 She stuck her face right into the camera lens as I snapped the picture!

 Awwww....gorgeous face shot  - safe in hubby's arms!

BIG NEWS!!!  Would you like to be an Altered Girl???  Well if you just love the Altered Junk collection and think you are what we are looking for then PLEASE apply!!!!
MORE exciting things coming later this TONS of new goodies!!  We have been busy!!! And yes my family is being fed and we are having quality time.  I am determined to beat Miss Shelby at Mario Kart on the Wii!!!!  She is so much better than me.

We have been BUSY with stocking our shop at ScrapDelicious for a special reason but you have to wait on that till next week!  So without further ado, here are the new goodies!


Do you like collage papers?  Well here is a set of 12!

So Miss Shelby has done her magic again and made FIRE papers!!! Stay tuned for ICE!
 Some fun eyelets by Soto - would look great holding down a photo, or border, etc.
 Fun painted ephemera...these are great layering pieces!
 WOOHOO!  Love the look of these painted wings!  Great for adding to your layouts or even on your photos!


Check out DigiFree for more great freebies!

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