Well, it has happened - we were pirated.  Thank you so much for whoever thought that downloading our freebie from 2/18 was ok to upload to another site for a fee. That is simply unacceptable - our freebies are for personal use only - no sharing or uploading to other sites.  We are distressed at this and looking into alternatives regarding freebies if we continue to give them out.  We view freebie samplers as a way to 'try before you buy' and to offer a goodie to our faithful blog followers...but seeing as we are getting fewer and fewer comments BUT tons of downloads and now being pirated, we will be revisiting the freebies.

On the upside, we have had some contest entries!!!  Keep sending's worth $10 coupon to our shop if you get them all correct!  We have one who is really close!

This Friday is the deadline.  Winner to be announced on 2/28 (which is our anniversary) and we are planning on a super sale at PDW plus a bonus goodie...So come back on Friday for New Release day and some wicked cool hedgie pics!

Remember:  WE APPRECIATE and LOVE all the comments we do get and are grateful to those who take a moment to say thanks either here or 4shared.


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  1. I'm so sorry this has happened to you! You must be so distressed and disillusioned. I hope you get it resolved quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

  2. I have seen other designers complaining of this problem in recent weeks. It's so sad that someone is taking advantage of your and other designers' generosity and selling minis/kits like this. It's just not right. I hope someone is able to put stop to this.

  3. Wow, that flippin' sucks! I hope you contacted the people and let them know what you think of them and their actions.

    Now I wonder if any of my freebies are out there getting sold.

    Talk soon Sweetie :)

  4. That's really too bad! I don't understand how someone can take credit for someone else's work, let alone attempt to make money off it! If they're selling it through a store I hope the store owners will take your side! Hope things improve!


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