Digi-versary coming up and CONTEST & NEW RELEASES/GOODIE FOR YOU!

So hope everyone had a great valentines day (if you celebrate)....we are preparing to celebrate our digi-versary on 2/28 we thought we would have a little bit of fun!  Would you like to win some cool coupons to our shop?

PS. We are on twitter now...well, it's under my name but if you click the CUTE little birdy icon on the right under our TOU, you can follow us!  AND I put up a nice big PINK facebook icon if you would rather use that to LIKE us than the box under it!

Let's see how well you know us (if you are a long time follower than you will get these answers easily)...So we have prepared 10 random questions (some personal and some digi related).  The FIRST person to get them ALL CORRECT will win a $15 GC to our store at PDW.  IF nobody gets them all correct, we will take a tally of the entries received on how many each entry got right and take the one that got the MOST right for a $10 GC.....then we will randomly choose 1 or 2 more for $5 GC!   AND all entries MUST BE EMAILED TO with CONTEST in the subject line AND MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2/25/11.  If you post your answers on blogger  - they will not count as everyone can see them!  LOL...gotta keep some mystery going....WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON 2/28/11.

So are you ready? (copy and paste into your email with the answers)

1. How many years will we be celebrating on 2/28/11 of digi-designing?

2. What was our ORIGINAL design name when we started digi-designing?

3. What was our VERY FIRST store we sold in when we started digi-designing? (if this is too hard, go to 3a)

3a. Alternate question:  What store did we sell in thru April 2010 that closed without warning?

4. Who are they and what is their age:

Dark Prince?
1st Prince?
2nd Prince?

5. What significant important thing happened to 1st Prince in November 2010?

6. The Princess and I share the same middle name - what is that middle name?

7. 1st Prince will graduate from college when?  what college?  what type of degree?

8. Where did I go on vacation in April 2010 with my hubby?

9. What was the LAST store we sold in before leaving for PDW in 12/2010?

10. When are our birthday's?


25% OFF THRU 2/21/11

1. Paper background pack (by request)

 2. OuterSpace Boys
 3. Outerspace Girls

4. Outerspace planets/wordbits

5. Felty Fun Alpha Mega #1

School Days Paper Pack:

Natural Neutrals:
(Brand new!!!)

School Days (elementary) Mega Kit:
(formerly sold under Life's Everyday Moments - some items have been edited out)

Finally, I love Cupcakes!  Add-on

ALL new releases are 25% off thru Monday, 2/21/11!

Goodie for you - these items used to be in the Elementary kit when it was sold before BUT I removed these for your freebie and edited down the kit above.



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  1. Thanks for the freebie...those are all some fantastic kits!! I can't wait to play!

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [19 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Oh dear! I don't think I can answer any of those questions :-(! I haven't been following you long enough, I'm afraid. Oh well, I can still enjoy the lovely freebie, thank you!

  4. Thanks for offering this freebie. Only problem: download link seems te be expired... Hope you can fix it. Thanks anyway!
    Love from Holland, Marieke

  5. Thank you so much for the freebie. God bless.

  6. Hi. Congrats on your digi-versary! And thank you for your continued generosity and sharing of your talent. There does seem to be a problem with the freebie link.


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