We are still alive! AND NEWS

Sorry it's been a while....we have been doing just tons of things BUT some news in the personal life arena - which explains our being preoccupied:

1st Prince is ENGAGED!  Yep.  11/5/2010 he asked his long time girlfriend and she said YES!  They are planning a summer 2012 wedding.

I have other pictures too that I will post later....

StudioDawn  - Essentials Kit
Action by StudioWendy -Scrap it 11
Font is Lesli

In other news, 2nd Prince has been doodling for me and I have been playing with them so keep an eye out for Matt's creations.....AND keep guessing where we will be selling 12/1...we will still be at ESS but we got asked/invited to join another store as well.....the winner will get a coupon for the new store which has all new products only at that store!

So we will be back (I will try this week)....maybe with a goodie for Turkey Day!


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  1. "1st Prince" - I love it! ha. as to freebies- well, I think you could be the turkey and I could provide the gravy, whatdyathink? roflmbo

  2. Congrats to the 1st Prince and awesome layout to celebrate the occasion!

    Is it Gotta Pixel? Congrats on your new endeavor!

  3. Congratulations to 1st Prince! Have fun with all the planning!

  4. Congrats to 1st Prince, wishing him and his love many years of happiness together.


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