NEWS and don't forget:

First, some news from Designs by Doodelle -  she is leaving MScraps BUT she is off to a new opportunity soon....

Everything in her store is now 40% OFF until Nov. 30. Some of them will be retired for good. So take advantage of this HUGE sale as this is the lowest that I can go in marking down my products.  So go checkout her store!!!

Second, don't forget that my shop at ESS is closing 11/30 and we are having a big sale as well....

Third, I am working on a little turkey day freebie so check back on Thanksgiving....

Fourth, TANYA (who guessed correctly where we will be) make sure you email me by 12/1 for your code for Plain Digital Wrapper - if you all haven't heard, that is where we will be 12/1! You all MUST come check it out, join the forum for some ninja kicking games and challenges!


Check out DigiFree for more great freebies!

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