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MAKE SURE you are a fan of us on Facebook...special code for Enchanted Studio Scraps...good only for today!

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NO COUPON NECESSARY!!!  I changed all the prices to reflect between 50-60% depending - but if the item was already $1 it's still $1 BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!

MAKE SURE YOU ARE A FAN OF OUR FBOOK PAGE - special TURKEYDAY coupon and BLACK FRIDAY coupon!!!!  THOSE can be used on top of the sale prices!!!!  WOOHOO.

These coupons will ONLY BE ON FBOOK page and will only be good for that specific day!!!

PS.  TANYA make sure you email me by 12/1!!!!

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NEWS and don't forget:

First, some news from Designs by Doodelle -  she is leaving MScraps BUT she is off to a new opportunity soon....

Everything in her store is now 40% OFF until Nov. 30. Some of them will be retired for good. So take advantage of this HUGE sale as this is the lowest that I can go in marking down my products.  So go checkout her store!!!

Second, don't forget that my shop at ESS is closing 11/30 and we are having a big sale as well....

Third, I am working on a little turkey day freebie so check back on Thanksgiving....

Fourth, TANYA (who guessed correctly where we will be) make sure you email me by 12/1 for your code for Plain Digital Wrapper - if you all haven't heard, that is where we will be 12/1! You all MUST come check it out, join the forum for some ninja kicking games and challenges!


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TANYA WINS!  YEP.  (Tanya email me at and I will send you your coupon code which will be good from 12/1 thru 12/31! (thank goodness somebody got it soon, I was trying to figure out what kind of hints to give later...)!  We have been sitting on this news since October....

Polka Dot Chicks is moving to Plain Digital Wrapper effective 12/1!  This is a fun loving bunch of ladies and wow...they are freaking hilarious and I can see us getting into quite a lot of a good way of course!

Would you all like to see sneaky previews of what's coming to the shop 12/1?????  All brand new products!!!!


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Hint #2 (it's in my sentence)

So far the guesses are great but nobody has guessed correctly!  I am loving all the guesses.

The colors in the hint #1 are from the logo of the store.....but we aren't that plain but we are plain fun!
(hint is in this sentence somewhere...)


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KEEP Guessing - A HINT!

Now granted our shoppe will not be open till 12/1 but the $5 off $5 coupon will be good thru 12/31 - so here is a hint for you (cause nobody has guessed correctly yet...):


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A very important message and keep guessing!

As many of you know that I am on Designs by Doodelle's CT (creative team or as we are called, creative souls) - so I have bonded with the gals and we have become our own little digi family. As many of you know my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in June, had a lumpectomy in which they found cancer in her lymph nodes under her arm, started chemotherapy in August  and then will start radiation in January -  So when a fellow creative soul needed help in making some layouts, I jumped in!

This is copied from Pom's blog...
(Please visit her blog to read all of it)

Pom  took part in a charity collab for a digi friend whose husband is sick with cancer. The family is in trouble because he recently lost his job and his insurance doesn't cover the treatment. The friend is Chelsea of Caged Bird Designs, who is really sweet. I have only worked with her for a short time at DSC but she was very nice to the CTs there.

The charity collab is named "That Much Stronger." Here is the details about the kit itself as well as the charity -- the Doudy family's situation that this kit aims to support, direct from Scrapable website:
More than 40 designers have come together for a great cause to help
one of our own in the digital scrapbook community! This is a HUGE
mega collab which has more than 200 papers, over 300 elements,
about 50 word art, 10 alphas and 4 templates. Too many to count!

Chelsea Doudy's, designer of Caged Bird Designs, husband was diagnosed
with skin cancer right below his left eye, it is a Squamous Cell Carcinoma,
if left untreated it will start to effect the nerves and then move to the eye.
This comes on the heels of other medical bills for their son, Luke.
Clayton has also recently lost his job. The Doudy’s have no insurance and
have been told Clayton will need the Mohs surgery in the next two months,
and the hospital will not do the surgery without a down payment because
they have no insurance.

You can help! All proceeds from the sales of this kit, after Paypal fees,
will go directly to the battle, care and surgery of Clayton's skin cancer.
We have a big goal to meet!

I'd really appreciate it if you can purchase the kit to support the family. (You can alsomake a direct donation to them if you want to.) With almost 2GB of digi goodies, it is definitely more than worth the $10 price.

Here is my layout I made using Pom's wordart that she made for her part of this collab.

Kit - Essentials by StudioDawn @ SBG
Wordart by Pom's Breathing Room
Template (modified) by BIO

And keep guessing....nobody has the correct answer yet!  I will post a hint on Monday...


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To entice you more - guess the store contest.

Ok, no one has guessed correctly but there is still time....guess where we will be starting 12/1 and you can win a $5 coupon for $5 off $5!

So keep guessing!!!!  You have till 11/30!

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News! & new kit @ESS

Well, we are closing up shop at ESS and taking advantage of a great offer that has come our way!
SOOOOOO - our new shop will open up 12/1 and ESS will close 12/1 - but you all can take advantage of us leaving with this incredible deal:

BUT wait there is more:
We released our final kit at ESS - Old Fashioned Christmas!  On sale thru sunday for $2.80!

So happy shopping and KEEP GUESSING WHERE WE WILL BE 12/1!!!!!!  So far nobody has guessed it correctly!


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Happy Tuesday - Sneak Peek and other misc. stuff

Howdy all!  Been a while and I promise I have not fallen off the planet but we have been so busy getting all sorts of new things ready/packaged, real life.

So, first order of business - sneak peek of our newest kit for ESS this Friday!  11-19-10 and it will be 30% thru Sunday (Friday-Sunday).

Second, here are some layouts that I have been doing with some awesome kick butt actions & templates by StudioWendy (whom I am on her testing team)!

1. Action  - Scrap it 12 - this is such a cool pick the papers/photos and stuff and it builds the layout for you and is fully customizable after it's done!  
(I love the rounded corners...)
Kit is Tickle by StudioDoodelle

2. Anna Template...such a cool template with the blending mask, etc.
Kit used was doodlemania by StudioDawn

3. Coco!
Action  - Scrap it 12 by Studio Wendy
Kit used is doodlemania by StudioDawn
4. Action used is Scrap it 11 by StudioWendy
Kit used is Essentials by StudioDawn

5. Action Scrap it 1 by StudioWendy
Kit used Comfort at Home Mega by the designers at Scrapbookgraphics

Misc. Stuff - 
Had the best weekend with a friend; saw my mom...she is doing as well as can be expected...

And by request, here are some photos of Coco!

My attempt at a Halloween Costume...umm...she wasn't have any of it.  Even with mealworm bribes...

Matt was using the laptop and had her on the desk.  She went NUTS for the empty packaging of velcro tabs....

 see...she is eating it!
 Napping on my lap...well, laying there looking at me.....she just had a foot bath.  Oh yeah.  She loves those - NOT.

Keep checking back!  There will be turkey day freebie!  OH, all the kids and their significant others will be here including Dark Prince (stepson, Will) coming from Chicago with GF, Heather...whoohoo!!!!!


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NEW by Designs by Doodelle - Affections

Well, she has done it again!  Look at this adorable mini kit - available at MScraps and ScrapbookGraphics!

Here is our layout made with it!

So go visit Designs by Doodelle on her blog for a chance to win this amazing kit!


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We are still alive! AND NEWS

Sorry it's been a while....we have been doing just tons of things BUT some news in the personal life arena - which explains our being preoccupied:

1st Prince is ENGAGED!  Yep.  11/5/2010 he asked his long time girlfriend and she said YES!  They are planning a summer 2012 wedding.

I have other pictures too that I will post later....

StudioDawn  - Essentials Kit
Action by StudioWendy -Scrap it 11
Font is Lesli

In other news, 2nd Prince has been doodling for me and I have been playing with them so keep an eye out for Matt's creations.....AND keep guessing where we will be selling 12/1...we will still be at ESS but we got asked/invited to join another store as well.....the winner will get a coupon for the new store which has all new products only at that store!

So we will be back (I will try this week)....maybe with a goodie for Turkey Day!


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NEW - Gone Camping

Oops..forgot to post this. Gone Camping is at ESS!  On sale for 30% off thru Sunday night PLUS don't forget the DSD sale...see previous post!!!!

KEEP guessing where we are going to open up in December!!!!


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DSD SALE!!!!! Ready to go SHOPPING??

Happy DSD Day/weekend!  From now till 11/7/10 you can save 50% off $3.50 or more on our products at ESS!!!  And we have a new kit coming out today!!!


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MORE from StudioDoodelle @ SBG!

I do love saying and typing that...StudioDoodelle! I love being on her team...she is a sweetie and so talented...

NEW - TICKLE!  ONLY at SBG (Scrapbookgraphics):

AND TIckle Me Fancy Frames!

Are these not the cutest frames (and kit?)
Go pay her a visit!


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How is everyone? AND a contest????

Howdy everyone? Are we all getting excited for NDSD?  Oh, come on!!!  So I will be posting a coupon this Friday 11/5 that will be GOOD ONLY FOR 11/5-11/7.

PLUS  I have a contest for you?  Can you guess where we will be selling at in December?  We will still be at ESS but we will be non-exclusive at both stores!  So, going to leave you a sneak preview of BRAND NEW goodies that will only be at the new store and see if you can guess where we will be?  That's why we have been out of the loop - been working our tushies off!!!!  OH, the winner (which we will randomly pick out the correct answers) WILL get a coupon for the our shop at the new store (let me clarify - the digi store is NOT NEW to the digi world, but our shop there will be NEW....). ...

So leave some guesses!!!


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