NEW Releases 1/21/22 @ GingerScraps

Hello out there! 

Glad to see you this week!  We have some new goodies -   So let's jump right in shall we?

Once Upon A Time Nursery Rhymes #1

Get in Shape

Once Upon A Time Story 19

See you next week!


NEW Releases at GingerScraps 1/14/22

 WE ARE 1/2 way thru January already!  How is that possible? In just a few short weeks, Baby Koda and Baby Liam will be 1 year old!  This has flown by so fast!

Let's jump in with this weeks goodies! 
B is for Beautiful

Another new monthly series: This Month - once a month it will be all about the current month! Perfect for project 365/52 or any kind of monthly scrapping you enjoy!

This Month: January

Once Upon A Time: Story 18

Hugs and see you next week!


New Releases at GingerScraps 1/7/22

 Hope you have had a great week!  We are trucking along here! I have been dealing with a cold since the week of Christmas and seems to be on the mend so that is good.

Let's jump in with our new goodies!

We have a new series/collection:  ABC series...but it's not just for little let's dive in with A. There will be 2 a month until end of the year...

A is for Adorable 

Coffee Time

Once Upon A Time #17

Wooden Winter #1

See ya next week!~